The Golden Seals
Stay Golden


The Summer of Tough Love
Born in The Summer of Tough Love into a family fate thought little of Fortune ignored us, luck said "nay" only Emptiness would stay In '71 it came to pass we moved to the Valley of the Shattered Glass lived in an abbatoir rent-free the Dysfunctionals and me Memory, I love you you never seem to let me down making me believe that we were safe and sound Enter the 80s all goes wrong lousy production and a little long father was dead by '89 but the abbatoir was mine Memory, I need you why you leaving me so soon? I haven't even had a chance to change my tune Is anybody real anymore? Fake conversations with fake friends I think I'd go back to the abbatoir and feel some real pain again What do I tell my girl and son about the place that their old man came from? Was it any good? Did we leave it like we should? Memory, I hate you now that I know what you are: a lousy old B movie with a third rate star


Summon all the Goodness in Your Heart
If you're feeling low down summon all the goodness in your heart pull somebody else up don't tear them apart If you are alone now make somebody else feel less alone help them through what they can't get through on their own Try to make it right don't just sit by and let it all slide kindness takes the fight out of the fighter an heals the harried heart If you need to slow down take some time and just slow it down shut some of that noise out and be here right now If you're feeling low down summon all the goodness in your heart


Jazz Cigarettes
Jazz cigarettes--I don't believe it but they say it's true There's nothing worse that you can do than smoke one of the sobriquets for jazz cigarettes There's a war on the war on the war on drugs being waged by some white collar criminal thugs and they want to know each time you give one a light (but paying off the Senate's alright) Jazz cigarettes I can smell 'em from across the hall but it doesn't bother me at all nobody's died from the munchies yet Jazz cigarettes--you should smoke 'em if you got 'em right now or they're gonna throw you in the hoosgow that's as progressive as conservatives get jazz cigarettes They're kicking science to the curb ignoring everything that works and making criminals of kids who smoke herb Jazz cigarettes--the opposition know that they're okay it's not a gateway drug it's just a J but I wouldn't hedge any bets on jazz cigarettes being legal from sea to sea in the true north and drug free because in spite of what the research says and years of Scandinavian success they want us all to think the biggest threat is jazz cigarettes